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stop hating your sensitivity

i've worked in corporate world for 15 years and let me be the first to tell you that i used to hate my sensitivity! i'm the first bursting out laughing during the most inappropriate time, cried when in front of clients, helped more than i should that backfired and most of all, exploited because of my sensitive nature. as a beautiful, intelligent woman, i was constantly the target of men looking to either flirt or see if they can "get somewhere with me". to top it off, i felt bad reporting the mistreats i encountered or standing up for myself because i don't want the aggressor to feel bad. 

what the heck right? i've been there, but not until i learned how to stand up for myself professionally, and turn my sensitivity to superpower did i climb at the top of the corporate ladder. and gained success but moreso, respect that i truly deserve. 

i want that for you too! i'm here to guide you turn your sensitivity to superpower, find meaning in your career or find true happiness and peace.

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